Who Are You?

Apparently a guy with too much time on his hands. And too much email. But ultimately, I'm just another geek.

Why ForwardedFunnies?

Why not? I mean, we get this stuff in our email, why not collect it for all to enjoy?

What are the ratings all about?

Well, I collect all sorts of humor. The criteria are simple ... if I think it's funny, it'll probably show up here sometime. But, as you can guess by now, the collection may well include things that might offend some people - things like sexual innuendo, nudity or coarse language. This isn't a collection of tasteless or dirty jokes, and in fact most are fairly clean. But in order to give folks a warning, I've adopted a ratings scale that kinda sorta mimics what I've seen on TV:

  • G-Rated - General Audiences: Fine for anyone. Let the kids read these. They might not get it, but they won't learn any bad words, or start asking where babies come from as a result. Think public television.
  • PG-Rated - Parental Guidance: Appropriate for most folks. Might have an occasional low-grade curse word, or sexual inuendo. Nothing you wouldn't see on network television's evening "family hour".
  • R-Rated - Restricted: images with above the waist female nudity or the bare bottoms of either sex. Sexual acts might be described ... tastefully. Any of the "seven dirty words you can't say on TV" might appear in low volume. This might compare to cable TV.
  • X-Rated - Adult content: images that involve full frontal nudity of either sex, or images relating to sexual acts which are not explicit (no body part close-ups). Sexual acts might be described in some detail, and language could start to get rather blue. Premium channels like HBO or Showtime might show this kind of content late at night.

I have this great joke, can I email it to you for the site?

No. I get plenty as it is. In fact, I have two year backlog I'm working through.

What about copyright?

I don't publish anything that I can tell is copyrighted by someone else. If you find something here that is, send the reference of the copyright to copyright <at> forwardedfunnies.com. If it checks out, I'll remove the material in violation.

You posted a joke that offends me. Remove it.

No. You have every right to be offended at whatever you like, it's a free country. But that doesn't mean I have to do anything about it. It's possible this site may just not be your cup of tea.

You didn't respond to my complaint.

That's probably correct. And I probably won't. Sorry.

I keep forgetting to visit - can I get Forwarded Funnies by Email?

Yes. Subscribe to the Forwarded Funnies Update mailing list.

• Mailing List FAQ •

Why doesn't the newsletter or the RSS feed have the whole joke?

Two reasons, really.

• First, and most important: because the newsletter and the site are FREE, and it's the website traffic that allows it to be free. If people didn't visit the web site, then this whole thing wouldn't exist at all.

• Second: efficiency. If the lead-in to a joke doesn't interest you, then you don't need to visit the site, and I haven't wasted any more of your time.

No, I'm not planning on a premium, full-joke version of either the RSS feed or the newsletter. There are plenty of other joke sites and mailing lists on the internet if my approach doesn't work for you.

Will I get spam because I signed up with you?

No. I do not spam. Period. You'll get only what the newsletter promises to deliver, and nothing more. I hate spam. Really.

Why am I getting email from you?

Because you asked for it. In fact, not only did you sign up, but you had to CONFIRM that you wanted the email before you were added to the mailing list.

How do I stop getting your mail?

Unsubscribe. There's a link at the bottom of every message. Just look for it and click. It really is that easy.

You can read the rest of the Forwarded Funnies FAQ too.

I hope you enjoy Forwarded Funnies, but if not, that's OK. I wish you all the best.


- The Forwarded Funnies Funnyman